Course brief description

Water engineers plan, design and supervise construction repair, maintenance and management of water-based infrastructure and installations that house, purify, treat, distribute and control clean Water for drinking, irrigation and industrial applications as well as waste water such as reservoirs dams, pumping stations, hydro power plants, pipelines, floods defence walls, sewer, sludge and wastewater treatment, recycling and disposal systems, irrigation systems, Water cycle management systems, water resource protection and saving technologies desalination plants, harvesting systems

essential subjects

Mathematics and Physics

Relevant subjects

One Best Done of:
Chemistry, Agriculture, Economics, Geom.& Mech. Drawing, Geom.& Bld. Drawing


44.0 F/47.5 M (On Gov't), 2 Principle Passes (On Private)


Sh. 1,250,000

Course Fees(International)

Sh. 1,875,000

Course Study duration

4 Years

Possible Career Jobs

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possible Masters

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