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About: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

An undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering can lead to jobs as a Mechanical Engineer and many other positions.

Mechanical Engineers design, build, install, test, maintain and repair products and systems that produce mechanical energy and motion from tiny devices to engines and huge generator systems.

They ensure that power producing and power-using products, systems and processes are energy efficient, perform at maximum and create the least pollution.

essential subjects


Relevant subjects

One better done of:
Chemistry, geography
Geometrical/Mechanical Drawing
Technical Drawing


48.9 (Gov.t) / Day-44 / Eve-39.2 (Private)


Sh.1,050,000 (East Africans)

Course Fees(International)

Sh.1,575,000 (Internationals)

Course Study duration

4 years

Possible Career Jobs

Mechanical Engineering........

Job Prospects: For Mechanical Engineers

  1. Mechanical Engineer
  2. Equipment Engineer
  3. Automotive Engineer
  4. Mechanical Design Engineer
  5. Energy Conservation Engineer
  6. Thermal Power Generation Engineer
  7. Fluid Mechanics Engineer
  8. Mechanical Maintenance Engineers
  9. Thermal Power Design Engineer
  10. Sales Engineer
  11. Research and Development Engineer
  12. Among others. 

Wishing you good luck. 

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possible Masters

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Master of Science in Physics
Master of Science in Mathematics

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