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About: Bachelor of Science in Meteorology 

An undergraduate degree in Meteorology can lead to jobs as a Meteorologist and many other positions.

Meteorologists use a variety of equipment and scientific techniques to observe, study, measure, analyse, and interpret the earth’s atmospheric conditions, physical characteristics and processes shaping the earth’s atmospheric conditions and how these factors and human activities affect the rest of the planet including weather and climate patterns; transmission of light, sound, and radio waves; transfer of energy in the atmosphere; dispersal of air pollutants; formation of clouds, rainfall, sunshine, snow, storms and other climate and weather phenomena.

Meteorologists seek to understand the behaviour and predictability of the Earth’s atmosphere in order to address the practical problems of weather forecasting, climate prediction and environmental issues such as extended periods of drought, air pollution, global warming, microclimate preservation, ozone layer deterioration and acid rain that impact us in different ways

essential subjects

Two Best Done of:
Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Agriculture, Chemistry, Physics, Geography

Relevant subjects

One Best Done of:
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Geography, Economics


45.8 (Gov.t) / 31.5 (Private)


Sh.1,190,250 (East Africans)

Course Fees(International)

Sh.1,587,000 (Internationals)

Course Study duration

3 years

Possible Career Jobs


Job Prospects:  For Meteorologists

  1. Climatologist
  2. Physical Meteorologist
  3. Synoptic Meteorologist
  4. Operational Meteorologist
  5. Environmental Meteorologist
  6. Hydro-Meteorologist
  7. Among others. 

Wishing you good luck. 

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possible Masters

Master of Agribusiness Management
Master of Science in Agricultural & Applied Economics
Master of Science in Disaster Risk Management

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