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About: Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

An undergraduate degree in Agricultural Engineering can lead to jobs as a Agricultural engineer and many other positions.

The program helps Agricultural engineer students apply knowledge of engineering technology and biological sciences to design, manufacture and install machinery, equipment, devices, instruments, structures and facilities to automate and improve agricultural productivity and the efficiency in post-harvest handling operations and processes.

They also design engineering solutions to solve land-based problems associated with agricultural production.

essential subjects


Relevant subjects

One Best Done of:
Chemistry, Agriculture, Economics, Geom.& Mech. Drawing, Geom.& Bld. Drawing


45.6 (Gov.t) / 36.3 (Private)


Sh.1,777,440 (East Africans)

Course Fees(International)

Sh.2,962,400 (Internationals)

Course Study duration

4 years

Possible Career Jobs

Agricultural Engineers....

Job Prospects:  For Agricultural Engineers

  1. Agricultural Systems Specialist
  2. Plan Service Engineer
  3. Project Engineer
  4. Research Agricultural Engineer
  5. Agricultural Safety Engineer
  6. Conservation Engineer
  7. Among others

Wising you good luck. 

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possible Masters

Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering
Master of Land Use and Regional Development Planning
Master of Science in Integrated Watershed Management

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