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Our Story

The University Web (TUWE) is the Brain-Child of Think Tank Global Solutions Ltd.

Tuwe is a one stop directory that integrates all Universities and Tertiary Institutions in Uganda on a single platform. It encompasses comprehensive, developmental programs designed to assists individuals in making and implementing informed, educational and career choices.


“To be the leading platform that enriches and refines individual career decision making”


“To provide a one stop directory where you explore, understand, choose and focus your career choices.”


“We Bridge “


Mainstreaming I.C.T platforms in career guidance.

Project Objective:

  • To enable learners get a variety of options about courses offered at different institutions on a single platform.
  • To bring basic but important information about institutions to the learners i.e. irrespective of their geographical location.
  • To provide a base for easy linkage and inquiries on the job options available in a particular course.
  • To provide a basic guideline for parents during career selection for their children.
  • To ease learning at higher institutions.
  • To solve the problem of ignorance among parents and students.

The Proprietors:

James Tila

- CEO - Think Tank Global Solutions Limited
- Founder -Tuwe Uganda
- Journalist & Researcher

Justus Karegyera

- Career Counsellor - Tuwe Uganda
- Senior Registrar - Makerere University
- Lecturer - Makerere University

Christine Dombiyo

- COO - Think Tank Global Solutions Limited
- Writer & Journalist

Joseph Gibusiwa

- Head IT -Think Tank Global Solutions Limited
- Software Engineer / Developer

Allan Mate

- Head Graphics -Think Tank Global Solutions Limited
- Graphic Designer / Industrial Designer

Christine Alum

- Accounts - Think Tank Global Solutions Limited
- Accountant

Bright Willy Watum

- CFO -Think Tank Global Solutions Limited
- Economist & Researcher

Our Consultation Services:

We assist students in making considered decisions based on their interests and strengths.

In addition to providing Individual and Group Counseling to Students/Parents, we work with schools through organizing activities to create a holistic Educational Career Guidance (ECG) experience for them.
These activities enhance students’ exposure to the diverse education pathways and working world so they can make informed choices.

Our Service Packages:

  • ONE–ON–ONE (Individual Counseling)

    • A-Level Combination Selection Guidance - using up-to date Education statistics
    • University Selected Course/Program In-Detail - Both Science and Arts
    • School Tuition/ Fees advice – with recommendations
    • Specialized Interests Counsel
    • Program/Course Job areas in Detail
    • Calculation of pre & Post entry Points per program
    • Career Tips - Dos and Don’ts, Selling Courses, Course & University recommendations
    • Application Monitoring and follow up.
  • PER - SCHOOL (Group, Teachers, or Students Counsel)

    • Two (2) Arts and Two (2) Science Programs in Full Detail
    • Full Infor Per Combination and there Courses e.g. MEG
    • Highlights of the Trending Courses in the Country
    • Key issues / Basic Information about the Dos and Don’ts at University
    • Career Tips
  • PER - REGION (Joint Institutions or Schools )

    • All “Per – School” Services above
    • Free Career Guidance Tips Booklet
    • Guest Experts from different Fields

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